Here is a look at my past projects and custom orders. I have worked on mosaics that can go indoors or outdoors. Do you have ideas about a mosaic you might like? Send me a message and we can work on something  completely unique together!

Treble Clef Wall Art

Hamsa Mandala Mosaic Shrine

Mandala Shrine

Shrine to Nature

Mosaic Angel Memory Dress

Ballerina mosaic dress

Sandy Hook NJ Osprey Adult and Fledgling at Nest

Penguin Whimsy Ornament

Cardinal hanging ornament

Blue Jay Whimsical Ornament

Hummingbird ornament

Dragonfly Plant Stake

Hummingbird and Hibiscus Garden Stone

Sea Turtle Garden Stone

Mosaic butterfly garden stone

Hyacinth Garden Stone

Dragonfly Garden Stone

Roses Garden Stone

Tree Frog Garden Stone

Daffodil Garden Stone

Nautilus Sun Disc

Mermaid Sun Disc

Custom Designed Butterfly and Orchid Sun Disc

Garden Sphere

Mosaic Flower Pot

Mosaic birdbath

Flower Power Plant Stake

Birdhouse view Dragonfly Motif

Birdhouse view Monarch Butterfly Motif

Mosaic Birdhouse English Cottage and Hummer

Coral Reef Scene Wall Art

Custom Box Parrotfish

Special Box

Jerusalem Hamsa Wall plaque

Custom Pineapple Wall Hanging

Elephant Totem

Destination Cairns Australia Wall Art

Swallowtail Butterfly Shadowbox Frame

Ziggy Boston Terrier Sugar Skull

Hamsa framed art

Abstract Mosaic Table

Sea Turtle Table

Palm Tree Custom Wall Art

Custom Name Sign

Southwest Themed Wall Art

Josef Frank inspired Mosaic Framed Art

Tree of Life Framed Art

Gecko Wall Art

Fleur De Lis framed wall art

Giraffe Framed Art